Fitness Career Spotlight: Barry Jay, Barry’s Bootcamp

By Sarah Koszyk, RD

Meet an International bootcamp owner, Barry Jay, and find out how he has franchised his dream.

What attracted you to the field of fitness and exercise?
I love to work out!! I was taking a lot of fitness classes and needed several classes back then to get one good workout. The weights were limited in their sizes and there was no pushups, and the treadmills had to be in there! I knew there was a way for everyone to get THE BEST workout in one hour and designed it to meet all the basic needs in a fun party like way.

What company are you with now and what is your job title?
Co-owner of Barry’s Bootcamp

Any websites you would like to share?

Describe a typical (or not so typical) day-in-the-work-life for you.
I wake up at 3:45 a.m. I have a morning meditation practice and leave for work at 4 a.m. I am upstairs at 4:45 for my first class which begins at 5 a.m. After that I have a 6:30 a.m. class and an 8 a.m. class. After that I often eat breakfast with someone from class. I only get about 4 hours sleep at night so by 10:30 a.m. I do hit a wall and take a nap for about an hour. After that it is calls and emails regarding Bootcamp.  I end the night with a Bootcamp class in Sherman Oaks, which is not only a great sweat at the end of a long day, but helps me get a solid night’s rest! I have some side passions that I indulge in such as songwriting, playing piano and movies. I have some volunteer work I participate in as well here and there. These things help me maintain balance.

NOT SO TYPICAL: Going to Bergen, Norway for the opening of the franchise Barry’s Bootcamp there and teaching classes for a week. Flying to NYC for the opening weekend for our Chelsea location and getting back here for Monday morning classes. Going to Nashville and meeting the guy who is opening the franchise there and looking at the location he chose and discussing opening week and some important facts in succeeding. Or perhaps getting interviewed by someone from Germany and doing a photo shoot at the studio and then receiving the article in German!

How did you get your current job in fitness and exercise?
I was working around town at various gyms and met my biz partners John and Rachel in one of my classes. I had this idea for a workout facility and explained it to them – they loved the concept and we partnered up and opened in October 1998. Since then Joey Gonzalez came along and became our partner and it has only gotten bigger and better.

What skills were you born with and what skills have you learned along the way?
Hmmm. I would say number one is the ability to push through any personal challenges and be able to share that with others in order to help them do the same. I would throw in there the ability to laugh at myself and help others laugh to get through, showing people how amazing they really are when they don’t see it. What I’ve learned along the way is patience, honesty, faith and persistence are key elements to freedom and success – and that we have everything we need within us. I have learned anything you continue to do you will get better at, so pat yourself on the back and never give up.

What advice do you have for others wanting to be just as successful and fulfilled as you? 
WORK HARD! Suit up and show up – show your passion, be upbeat and positive – the laws of attraction will respond well to you then.

If you could be paid for your job with something other than a paycheck, what would it be?
More time with the ones I love.

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